Shaving my sabbatical moustache

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Pre and post moustache shave

One of my things is that whenever I am on holiday I grow a moustache. Today I shaved off my latest and most successful ‘tache – pre and post shots above. The ‘tache was four months in the making – not having shaved it since I left work on the 3 April this year. Like the all the other ‘taches there was some ceremony in the cutting off. I always take a photo, use a new razor blade and ensure Elizabeth is close by to kiss my shaven lip when it is done.

I used to grow the ‘tache for a bit of fun, but over time it has grown to mean more than a silly laugh. It acts as a physical reminder that I am not currently working. It reminds me to make the most of the time I have off and to do something that will sustain or enrich my life, because I will be back at work soon enough and won’t have the luxury of completely free time.

The trip Elizabeth and I recently concluded was the second travelling sabbatical I have taken during my professional career (the first being the trip I took with Elizabeth on our way to London that involved six months travel in South America) and I would be very surprised if it is the last.

But for now I am ready to return to the workforce. I feel refreshed, enthusiastic about the work I will be doing and have a head full of the type of ideas that simply don’t come in a hour long brainstorm (at least not to me). It is for these reasons that I encourage anybody that feels they are not sure where to take their career next, feel exhausted and jaded with work or have lost the work life balance battle to take some time off and go travelling. My career has not at all suffered from my time off.

So that is that. Tomorrow I will wake with an alarm, shower and iron a shirt and commute to the office. I want to thank all the loyal readers who have left comments and sent me kind messages about the stories and photos we have shared during our travels. The content on here will shift back to more of my professional thoughts and opinions now. For those who prefer the pretty pictures I still plan to post regularly, but I won’t be offended if you drop me from your RSS readers or unsubscribe from the email alerts.

Like my moustache, I will be curtailing my travelling desires for now, but the good thing is they will always come back.

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