Publicity vs PR

public relations word cloud 300x216 Publicity vs PRDo you know what is the difference between publicity and PR? I have worked in the PR industry for more than ten years and it is only today that I have been served a definitive definition, courtesy of that clever PR Warrior fellow Trevor Young.

According to Trev:

Publicity is when you’re in it for a short-burst of editorial coverage; media relations is about building strategic relationships with targeted journalists, editors, and broadcast producers with a view to generating sustained editorial exposure over the longer term.

Of course PR is more than just media relations, but I like Trev’s definition. It is simple, short and highlights how media relations and for that matter PR is about long term strategy.

This is not to say publicity is bad. I have undertaken a raft of publicity tasks in my career and call on gun publicists within my team regularly. Media relations and publicity; one is not better than the other, they’re just different.

This post by Seth Goddin is also worth reading if you’re interested in the difference between PR and Publicity - The difference between PR and publicity. 

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