Branding 101 – tips for small business owners

Brand Image 300x200 Branding 101 – tips for small business ownersI have recently been invited to be a regular writer for MYOB’s blog for small business owners. This is my first paid writing gig, so I am quite excited by it. There is a whole series of posts that I will be making roughly every second week.

Below is the an excerpt of the first post that has been published. It is on branding tips and is aimed at small business owners. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave comments either here or over on the MYOB blog.


Are you a Holden family or a Ford family? Do you drink VB or Tooheys? Is it Colgate or Macleans in the bathroom cabinet?

A lot of our buying decisions are not rational, but instead emotional. They are made because that is what your mum did, because you like the colour or look of the packaging, or because you like the football team they are associated with. In short we are influenced by the brand of a product. Whilst sponsoring football teams and large scale advertising campaigns are out of reach for small businesses, giving thought to your brand is still incredibly important.

Below are four tips on branding for small business operators. Continue reading.

To see the tips on branding for small business owners head over to the article on the MYOB Blog - Branding 101 – tips for small business owners 

Image credit - Gerald Patterson

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