Go Try It On – a review and overview

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The last week or so has involved me trying on clothes in the morning, heading into my little girl’s room (the only room in the house with a full length mirror) taking a photo and then uploading it to Go Try It On, a relatively new online and mobile community that rates outfits uploaded by community members. OK, so I might be one of the few people on the network over the age of 21 and almost certainly the only one uploading pictures with a cot and children’s toys in the background, but I love it. I think the network has huge potential for fashion and clothing brands. Below are some thoughts from me on Go Try It On.

What is it:

A mobile based social network, where users can upload photos of outfits they are planning to wear and then nominate the type of event they are intending to wear it – a work thing, a casual day, for a wedding etc. Once uploaded anyone on the network, assuming the user hasn’t adjusted their privacy settings to show to only friends, can rate the outfit as either, wear it, or change it. Once your picture is up there the scores rattle in very quickly and typically within half an hour you will have 40 or so votes and a definitive community decision on your outfit.

Beyond the ability to simply upload outfits, you can also select stylists to review your look. These stylists may be your friend, or simply someone you have found in the community whose style you like and whose opinion you value. If you are selected as a stylist by a member you are then notified every time they upload an outfit and invited to rate their look.

In addition to fashion, members also ask the community to rate make-up, accessories, shoes and can also upload two different outfits and ask the community to vote for which is their favourite.

The community can be accessed via a web-browser, though the best experience is undoubtedly via the iPhone app, which supports the use of the inbuilt camera.

What about privacy:

Despite the fact you access the app via either via Facebook Connect or Twitter the app only details the first letter of your surname (I come up as Matthew G from Sydney Australia) and doesn’t allow any way for users to get access to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can’t even search for users. If a user isn’t already your Facebook Friend there is no way to find users in the community.

To help protect the privacy further there is a nice blur spot option that allows you to blur out your face on any uploaded photos. You can also use it to blur out anything else you might want to.

Given the community is made up of a lot of young girls I think these measures are sensible and commendable.

Feedback 200x300 Go Try It On – a review and overviewTone of the community:

The creator of Go Try It On, Marissa Evans, and her team have gone out of their way to manage the sentiment of the community so that it is more focussed on positivity and suggested improvements rather than bitchiness and laughing at outfits. When providing feedback on an outfit you have rated as ‘change it’ the most insulting you can be is, ‘it isn’t appropriate for this event’, or ‘this doesn’t do you justice’. The outcome of this is that the feedback on the site is very positive, but you can’t help but think some of the fun is taken out of fashion when you can’t laugh at those who you believe less fashionable.

Opportunities for brands.

There appears to be limited involvement from brands at the moment. Sephora, Grazia.IT and Vente-Privee USA are listed as featured stylists, but beyond that it seems pretty limited. In my opinion this could be the perfect platform for a fashion retailer. You could imagine an account that is managed at an individual shop level where shoppers could upload an outfit they are considering and get the community to rate it.

Currently there is a range of online fashion brands that are integrated into the app including ASOSJC Pennyand ShopBop.com. These stores can be accessed by community members when reviewing outfits, so that suggestions with links to a location where the product can be purchase can be made.

Suggest Retail 200x300 Go Try It On – a review and overviewHow could Go Try It On be better?

There is not much I don’t like about Go Try It On, this is a very cool application. The app is currently only oniPhone, so it would be great to see it on Android and other platforms, though I guess you could access it via your mobile browser. The team behind Go Try It On have a pretty cool blog, where they provide information on fashion generally, though it is primarily US focussed. It would be nice if this and potentially other fashion blogs were featured in the app under a news section.

What do you think?

What do you think? Do you think this will take off? Do you think fashion and beauty brands should be taking note?

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