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The above is an image of a website I have created for my good friend Azumi Lehman, who is one of the country’s best harpists and one half of Gliss Flute and Harp. The other half of Gliss Flute and Harp is Lisa Osmialowski, who has played for some of Australia and the world’s leading orchestras and opera companies and even recorded soundtracks for movies Happy Feet and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.

Menu Gliss Flute and Harp – website build Elizabeth is a long time friend of Azumi’s from university. Both Elizabeth and I were fortunate enough to have Gliss Flute and Harp perform at our wedding.

Their new website can be found at It has been built in WordPress and makes use of the Kin – Minimalist Photography WordPress Template.  This template is designed for photographers, but we chose to use this theme to take advantage of the way it nicely presented portrait orientated photography. This photographic orientation best representing the tall nature of the harp and the often standing Lisa.

The objective of the website was to create a simple online home for the business where potential clients could get a feel for the type of events Gliss Flute and Harp deliver, hear some of their music, understand the elegance of the instruments (especially the harp) and make booking enquiries.

The website has been kept incredibly lean with an always present menu on the left side. This was done purposely having reviewed many other similar business sites that were complicated, didn’t make it easy to get access to contact details and often times failed to present images of the performers as they typically appear at events. Ensuring we covered off all of these, but especially the last point was particularly important as we figured the elegant aesthetic  of the harp could be a draw card in itself.

We chose to host the music on Youtube, rather than directly on the site, to take advantage of the potential of people coming across their performances on Youtube and coming to the site that way. We also figured Youtube would an easy way for people to share and experience their music irrespective of the platform or device they were accessing the site.

For those with a little more technical understanding we used the WordPress SEO Plugin by Mervin Praison, to assist the site’s performance in Google search results. Keywords such as wedding, flute, harp and concert were used amongst others.


Youtube Gliss Flute and Harp – website buildWhat do you think? I am a self taught web producer and lack nearly all the skills of the true professionals. If you have simple suggestions that you think we could make at no cost then I would love to hear them.

Thanks to Azumi and Lisa for the chance to create your web presence. Thank you also needs to go to Elizabeth who helped throughout and developed the majority of the copy found on the site. Credit also needs to go to Ben Walton, who created the photography on the site.

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