A cheeky Victorian getaway

The fam at the 12 Apostles web A cheeky Victorian getaway

The last week has involved no tweets, few Facebook updates, absolutely no work emails and most importantly no stress.

I have been on holidays you see. Holidays that involved a road trip to Victoria, to visit old friends;  surf uncrowded waves; drink beer in the sun; and most importantly spend time together as a family.

Some of the highlights:

  • Seeing people we get to see far too rarely. Thank you for putting us up Nicole on the Mornington Peninsula. Colleen and Ken thank you for lunch it was lovely to see you again and for you to spend some time with Sylvie
  • Seeing the country from the driver’s seat. As you will see from the map, we did quite a bit of travel in the car. I love driving and thankfully my little girl doesn’t mind it too much also
  • Surfing uncrowded waves. Whilst there was practically no swell, meaning most days I couldn’t surf at all, the waves I got were bliss. Surfing a break with one or two others is a real treat and much more conducive to conversations with strangers
  • Being paparazzi style fodder for a group of Chinese tourists. Whilst at the 12 Apostles, Sylvie’s blonde hair and blue eyes set off a hive of photographic activity as first one then up to 15 cameras were shooting at us in unision. Whilst at first being a little stunned at the attention we soon both grew accustomed to it. See the point below
  • Spending time together as a family. Without a doubt the time to simply dedicate to quality time with my little girl and Elizabeth was bliss. Sylvie is growing so quickly. She is crawling like an expert now and is pulling herself up on anything and everything. Her personality and sense of fun is really starting to appear. Seeing bits of your own personality coming out in your child is both magical and a bit scary…
  • Time away from work. The last six months has been pretty hectic at work. The chance to look at things with some perspective means I am returning after only a week away with fresh ideas and thoughts on new approaches

Enjoy the photos!

6491125849 743143cce0 o A cheeky Victorian getaway12 Apostles

6491105671 8a65c02eef z A cheeky Victorian getawaySplit Point Lighthouse

6465182229 1c6cf8aa11 A cheeky Victorian getawayDromana Beach Huts

6465160491 75b22865a6 z A cheeky Victorian getawayRosebud Jetty

See all our photos from the trip on Flickr.


Map of our trip here.

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