Allow me to introduce Sylvie Louise Gain

IMG 0111 768x1024 Allow me to introduce Sylvie Louise Gain

Allow me to introduce the lovely Sylvie Louise Gain, born at 3.15 pm 22 February 2011. Our beautiful little daughter arrived after a relatively short, but rather intense, five hour labour that involved absolutely no pain relief on the part of Elizabeth! How good is she? Elizabeth was fully dilated by the time she got to the hospital and squeezed the little critter out about 40 mins after arrival. A textbook delivery according to our midwife at Royal Hospital for Women.

The little one is completely healthy, has been feeding and sleeping well and has been doing tremendous poos and wees.

Her vital statistics: 3.44 Kgs (7 pounds 9 ounces), 52 cm from head to toe, 35cm around her noggin. She was delivered by the midwife Natalie and myself – yep that’s right it was my hands that pulled her out once the head was through.

We promise not to be the kind of parents constantly uploading images of their child, but do allow us this initial indulgence. A short video and some images in the gallery below.

We’re both besotted and excited Sylvie has come to join our family.


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