Wonderbra 3DD billboard

article 1311856 0B2ACEAF000005DC 113 634x401 Wonderbra 3DD billboard

Wonderbra is causing a stir yet again in the UK, this time with a 3D billboard that builds on the campaign’s origins 16 years ago.

Don’t you hate how often times the most brilliant ideas seem so simple once they are presented to you? Now where are those Avatar glasses?

Full disclosure – my current employer’s UK consumer agency, JCPR, has previously worked for Wonderbra. I am not sure if they are involved in this campaign.

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  • http://www.servantofchaos.com Gavin Heaton

    Your making me see double. Boom-tish.

    • Matthew Gain

      You mean DDouble! :-)

  • chuck

    Not as cool as http://www.3-dd.com no bras obscuring a perfect view!

    • http://matthewgain.com Matthew Gain

      Probably should have known better than to click on that at work! :-)

  • Ed Courtenay

    I now need to dig out a pair of 3d glasses…like the image of the guy on the ladder too…

  • http://twitter.com/pruerobson @pruerobson

    Wonder if this could work in cinema advertising, before the right 3D movie? Not sure what that would be though.

    • http://matthewgain.com Matthew Gain

      Perhaps they could run it before girly movies. Give the poor boyfriends/husbands that have been dragged along something to enjoy? :-)