Virgin America partners with Awkward Family Photos

AFP Virgin America partners with Awkward Family PhotosThere’s nothing like flicking through the old family albums to give the laughing muscles a work out. In homage to this age old pastime, Virgin America has teamed up with the popular blog Awkward Family Photos (AFP) to promote its new air route to Orlando.

The premise is simple; upload your very own awkward family photo to AFP and you will receive 33.3% off your next trip to Orlando. As further enticement, Virgin America is offering four major prizes of roundtrip tickets to anywhere the airline flies for the best photos as voted by the Awkward Family Photos audience.

I love this promotion. A nice break form the normal Facebook/Twitter combo

Oh you’re still here? I thought you would be off scouring your old family photos already.

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  • jennylu

    Love this idea. I'd like the 33% discount too, but don't know if I could suffer humiliation of some of those awkward photos hiding in my Mother's spare room. Would definitely have to be an anonymous posting!