Coke uses augmented reality to build hype for new TVC

Above is a clever little case study video from Coke in Latin America highlighting how it used Augmented Reality to build hype for an upcoming TVC.
Basically, via an augmented reality code placed on Coke bottles, Coke encouraged teens to view the commercial via their web cams.
According to the video they generated 400,000 views of the ad. Before its release via a traditional media buy.
Yet another example of how an organisations is reaching a large audience by becoming their own content creators and not relying on the audience delivered by traditional media channels.
I think this is a clever little idea, but imagine if rather than just the TVC there was a series of mini episodes that people were able to access by the augmented reality code. Perhaps there could have been a series of ten that encouraged people to buy multiple bottles of coke to see the whole story. That could have generated some real talkability and entertainment.

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