Fail Whale artist releases Win Penguins

win penguins 260 Fail Whale artist releases Win Penguins

Win Penguins by Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu, the designer of The Fail Whale, made famous as the image symbolising a Twitter outage, has been commissioned  by a San Francisco couple to create the ‘opposite of the fail whale’ to celebrate their marriage, according to Mashable.

The result (above) is titled Win Penguins. Aren’t they lovely? Hopefully these little fellows will see as much success as the Fail Whale.

Hearing Yiying Lu speak at the most recent Social Media Club Sydney event I learned the Fail Whale has quite a back story and was originally known as ‘Lifting Up a Dream’. According to Yiying Lu the design was originally created to symbolise making dreams happen.

For those interested in the back story of The Fail Whale check out this post on ReadWriteWeb.

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