What a simple graph can tell us about iPhone users

flickr stats1 What a simple graph can tell us about iPhone users

Most popular camera phones on Flickr

The graph above is from Flickr and it records the number of uploads from camera phones to Flickr.

In the graph above:

  • Pink is the Apple iPhone 3G
  • Yellow the Apple iPhone 3GS
  • Green is the Nokia N95

It is amazing how much of a gap the Apple iPhone has over its competitors. Of course there is no doubt about iPone’s incredibly sales success, but it is not as far ahead as this graph suggests.

Instead what this graph shows to me is that those with iPhones are:

  • More likely to be connected
  • Find it easier to upload their images to the web
  • Are more likely to be producing content they want to share
  • Have a better quality camera on their phone than others
  • And are perhaps more egotistical…

I believe the graph above is a good piece of data to justify creating applications and content for iPhone users. Why? Because this graph shows that iPhone users, much more than other phone users, are more likely to share stuff online and as a result are more likely to be influencers within their groups of friends.

At least these are my humble thoughts. Do you agree?

If you’re interested you can check out some data on all Flickr uploads here.

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  • http://jasonbereklewis.posterous.com Jason Berek-Lewis

    I have had my iPhone for less thank 2 weeks and I simply can't put it down. In such a short period of time it has become a critical tool in my life for staying connected, accessing my files, organising my life, playing my music…

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  • http://www.dunksmithblog.com Duncan Smith

    May also suggest that developers are investing more time and energy to nail their iPhone app and subsquent developments for the other phones and OSs are neglected, possibly affecting the performance and usability of their interface.

    Sent from my iPhone ;)

  • matthewgain

    @Jason I am a new iPhoner myself, so can definitely empathise with your situation.

    @Duncan I think you may have something there, it would be interesting to see how many of the uploads come via the Flickr iPhone app.