SEO your Twitter profile

search results SEO your Twitter profile

As you will see from the above, Twitter is the number two result when you search my name in Google, so is an incredibly important channel for my personal brand.

For those who are interested in growing their results in Google, I believe Twitter is one of the easiest ways along with Facebook and LinkedIn that you can start owning the front page of Google.

Why? Because, Google indexes Twitter highly, it is the easiest way to start creating content and even if you do not Tweet regularly your profile and URL inclusion provides another means to direct people to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.

For those that already have a Twitter account the good people at Twittip have created a list of tips on  more advanced techniques on how to increase the SEO of your Twitter profile.

Some are obvious:

  • Ensure you Twitter handle includes relevant keywords (I have gone for my name)
  • Ensure your bio also includes relevant keywords – mine has PR and my company name Weber Shandwick
  • List your profile in relevant directories such as WeFollow
  • Follow relevant people in the hope they find your feed of relevance and link back to you

But two were less obvious (at least to me, but I am no SEO expert) and are currently on my to do list:

You can even SEO your Twitter pic (avatar)…

Yes, you can even SEO your profile picture! You can’t add tags but, you can rename the photo before you upload it that way when it shows up in the URL it will have the keywords that you named. Be careful not to add spaces. Doing that will not translate the link very well. I don’t recommend changing your profile picture but, I would recommend changing the name of the profile picture and re-uploading it. You can do this by clicking on “Settings” and then “Picture”.

Burn Baby Burn…

Burn Your Twitter feed: Why would you want to use an RSS feed for Twitter? Well, by using RSS, people can subscribe to your posts (and in this case Tweets) and get instant feeds sent to them. Just like a blogger would use RSS feeds to increase their popularity with search engines and help draw traffic to their blogs, you can use RSS feeds to do the same for your Twitter account. So, how do you go about doing this you say? I will show you how to set this up in Google FeedBurner.

First you go to FeedBurner. If you have a gmail account you can sign in with this. Otherwise, sign up for a new account.

Next, in a different window open up your Twitter account and scroll down to the middle of your Twitter page and click on the RSS feed icon. Next go to the top of the page and copy the URL. (It should look similar to this:

Next, paste it into FeedBurner. Then make sure that you add your user name and password so that it won’t be locked when people try and look at the feeds (Use the same format as the highlighted text: Click next and you have just RSS’d your twitter profile!

Last, go through the dashboard and choose important options for your chosen use of your feed. You can share widgets, add pictures, set up a title for the feed and make sure that it pings (connects) with search engines.

Some interesting stuff hey? Do you have any other tips? I would love to hear them in the comment box.

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