Holiday Inn genrates PR with clever stunt

bedwarmers Holiday Inn genrates PR with clever stunt

Holiday Inn in the UK is offering is offering a human bed warming service.

According to an article on Wired:

The Holiday Inn, which operates over 4,000 hotels worldwide, will offer a “human bed-warming service” for the next week to help keep guests stay warm inside, whilst it gets colder outside. This literally involves employees laying in your bed for five minutes before you get in.

I think it is Frank that does the PR for Holiday Inn, but it is not listed on its website. Let me know who did this if you know.

In my mind this is a clever stunt that no doubt has generated a tonne of coverage for them.

As with everything like this, it seems so simple when it has been done, but it is far from simple coming up with something like this.

A clever idea no doubt, but would you let a hotel emplyee warm your bed for you? Maybe it depends on how good looking they are?

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  • matthewgain

    I posted this on Facebook as well. These are the comments generated there:

    Helen Watt
    love it.
    soon they will be chewing your food for you…..

    Matthew Gain
    Hilarious – I was thinking more along the lines of wiping your bum, but both good initiatives…

    Patrick Chaupham
    Hrmm tough call there … I'm seriously on the fence here. LOL.

    Kevin Cheung
    No fence-sitting for me: That's unsanitary and revolting.

    Matthew Gain
    @Patrick I think I am the same.
    @Kevin what if they were in a sanitary sleep suit? The picture suggests that maybe?

    Kevin Cheung
    I think the people in that picture are hired models. The real hotel staff will be 5 ft tall and 300lb :P

    Matthew Gain
    @Kevin – probably true – probably true…

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