Sydney dust storm images

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Waking up and seeing the sky a burnt orange colour is a rather scary prospect.

Due to work being stupid busy this week, and needing to be in at the crack of dawn I didn’t take the time to grab my camera and take some shots, but thankfully plenty of others did. Some are below.

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Luna Park by

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Beach dust storm by

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Lots more Sydney dust storm images can be found in this Flickr Gallery.

As my colleague Ian Rumsby put it on his post about the storm:

10,000 miles away, at the very moment Sydney was waking up, the world’s leaders were waving fond farewells in New York at the close of a relatively fruitless effort by the UN to get the climate change agenda back on track. It was difficult to miss the poignancy of the news from New York whilst eating cornflakes in the middle of an orange mist.

And to think there are still global warning deniers.

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  • Luke Arms

    Yeah, because there were never any dust storms before climate change.


    I'm a little sick of every meteorological phenomenon being claimed by the climate change movement. Not that I'm a denier, either … but I am interested in good science, and blind statements like "dust storm = climate change proof" ain't it.

  • timgingrich

    Nice photos. Amazingly, not Photoshop. Just really, really orange air.

  • matthewgain

    @Tim – thanks

    @Luke – I am not sure about there never being dust storms like this in Sydney before, but I have never seen anything like it in my life. I am no climate change expert, but it seems there has been an awful lot more climatic events in the last ten years than the decades that have preceeded it. Not that I have researched in depth that point. Thanks for your comment.

  • juliandavis

    Wow ,that is quite unbelievable. The dusty photos almost looks like what it would be on Mars. Very eerie!