Aircel dinghy advertisment saves lives

aircel 300x160 Aircel dinghy advertisment saves lives

Aircell dinghy advertising stunt


Drew in the comment box below has alerted me to the fact that I have linked this advertisement to Aircell, The US broadband provider, rather than Aircel, the Indian mobile provider. I have updated the post below.


Aircell, an American airline broadband provider, Aircel, an Indian mobile company, has created quite a storm of late with a clever advertising and PR stunt in Mumbai India.

Working with Indian outdoor agency Primesite, Aircel booked an outdoor media billboard in Mumbai at a spot notorious for flooding. The advertisement featured a dingy attached by rope to the sign accompanied by the Aircel logo and the copy ‘In case of emergency cut rope’.

Once installed the clever people involved in the campaign sat back and waited until the rains started falling. Sure enough in the middle of the monsoon season the site flooded and flooded quickly. So quickly in fact that people were stranded at the location and the only way to get themselves to safety was to cut the rope on the bill board and paddle to safety in the Aircel boat.

A nice story isn’t it. You can view a photo essay of the stunt on this dedicated spot of the Aircel website. Like me you may notice that a few of the gentlemen saved were wearing Aircel t-shirts, and that the people don’t look that stranded, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I am not entirely sure how this ties back to broadband in the air, but it has me and This stunt has me and many others blogging about them, has built brand awareness through the media coverage it generated and no doubt would have been a hell of a lot of fun to be involved in. For those reasons I reckon it is a clever campaign.

My suggestion on extending it – auction off the boat on eBay and donate the funds to monsoon victims.

Hat tip to Lexy Klain for bringing this to my awareness.

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  • Drew

    Yeah, FYI, that billboard is not for Aircell, the wifi provider. Its for Aircel. One 'l'…

  • matthewgain

    Thanks for pointing my error out Drew.

    Embarrassing mistake to make. I have updated the post.