As featured on!

lp logo As featured on!

Not only am I boring you, loyal readers, with my travel stories but as of last week select posts from this blog are appearing on the Lonely Planet website. Massively stoked!

My content is being syndicated as part of Lonely Planet’s new BlogSherpa programme that displays relevant blog posts against its own editorial content.

The BlogSherpa programme works by marrying the tags I add to my posts with similiar content on the Lonely Planet website. For instance posts that I have tagged with Kyrgyzstan appear on the Kyrgyzstan page. See below.

 As featured on!

When people click through onto one of the links they are served my original post reproduced within the Lonely Planet environment. See below:

 As featured on!

The interesting thing is, which you can see in the image, is that there are Google AdSense ads served alongside the post. In exchange for my content Lonely Planet passes all the revenue made from these ads directly onto me.

So far I have made the princely sum of $1.73 from people clicking on the ads. Not exactly the kind of earnings that will see me driving around in a Porsche anytime soon, but interesting none the less.

Kudos to Lonely Planet for recognising the value in partnering and working with bloggers to enhance its own content.

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