Nothing like an overnight bus to get you ready for the day ahead!

You see we arrived in Selçuk today at 7.00 am having spent the last 8 hours on a bus. Quite a nice bus, but still a bus and definitely not as good as the Argentinean buses that makes sleeping a dream. So stumbling in to the Australia New Zealand Pension (everything in Turkey in any way connected to tourism seems to tag Australia and New Zealand onto its name somehow) and being greeted with a broad Aussie-tinged Turkish accent telling us “rack off upstairs, there is a room free now, you guys must be buggered. Breaky is anytime before 10.00 am,” was pure bliss.

Having slept off the bus blues and brunched we took a stroll out to Ephesus, 3kms out of the town and which according to the book is the best preserved classical city in the east Mediterranean. The place is a pretty amazing site where the ruins have been put back together, at least in a fashion, to recreate the feeling of what the town would have looked like.

The place was a regional capital during Roman times and was home to stars you might remember from the bible, such as St Peter, The Blessed Mother Mary and St John the Baptist.

Now Elizabeth loves a ruin and could look at them all day long, in fact this was her second trip to Ephesus having visited ten years ago. Apparently the last trip involved a crayon and paper so she could take scratchings of the Roman and Greek scripts. Thankfully none of that happened this time. Upon exiting I suggested that after recent trips to Rome and the multiple sites at Istanbul that perhaps we had learnt all we needed to about Roman sites for the time being. Elizabeth reluctantly agreed.

As such we are headed to the coast tomorrow to Bodrum. Home to British mayhem in the summer, but apparently also some lovely beaches and some dive spots. So until then enjoy the pics below or view the full collection here. Also you can view our first attempt at video here (Youtube doesn’t seem to work in Turkey).

img 0635 thumb Ephesus

Applauding an amazing show at The Odeum Ephesus

img 0655 thumb Ephesus

The library at Ephesus

img 0645 thumb Ephesus

Ephesus High Street

Our current location can be viewed here.

lg share en Ephesus

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