Bodrum is a beautiful seaside town, home to warm weather, picturesque white homes and when summer rolls around sun burnt drunken package deal tourists.  We have missed the start of the season, but one definitely gets the feeling that this place is gearing up for an onslaught of alcohol fuelled mayhem . But when this happens we will be long gone – we leave for Fethiye tomorrow where we are hoping to hop on a yacht for a couple of days sailing the Aegean.

A nice spot to break our journey around the coast to enjoy the sun and the sea  (though haven’t managed a swim yet – wasn’t quite warm enough). It also afforded some nice scenery to take pictures of.

View from our window 300x170 BodrumView from our window with the hills in the background

Bodrum harbour BodrumBodrum Marina

Halikarnis BodrumHalikarnas

Halikarnas is a clubbers’ institution since the 1970s and can hold 5,000 people. Top international DJs perform over the summer and apparently it has a class IV laser – whatever that means. Thankfully it was closed when we were in Bodrum as it was just down the road from our hostel and if the sound checks were anything to go by causes quite a stir – quite disagreeable really…

img 0720 thumb BodrumCastle of St Peter was built in 1402 and was originally a castle for the Crusades. It was in operation right up to the end of WWI

img 0751 thumb BodrumShe was offering us the map she was holding, but was happy to get her photo taken – check that pose!If you enjoyed this post why not subscribe to my blog via RSS or email by following this link. Also whilst you’re at it why not follow me on Twitter .

  • Gumbet

    love bodrum and cat wait for summer now

  • Roving Jay

    What a cutie! Love the photo of your little map folder.  In all the traveling I’ve done, no matter how great the sights are, it’s always the people that spark more memories.  During my various trips to the Bodrum Peninsula, the amount of great people I’ve met have been too numerous to count.  — Jay

    • Matthew Gain

      Thanks for your comment Jay. It is a truly beautiful place.