Missed opportunity for Gaytime and Unilever?

This week I read on Mumbrella, that Streets, an Australian arm of Unilever had made a media buy for Golden Gaytime to coincide with Sydney Mardi Gras. Brilliant I thought at first, except rather than run new creative they ran old creative from the 1980s…

I have embedded the creative below.

Umm I am a PR guy, so perhaps in no position of authority to comment, but imagine if rather than a local media buy, Unilever had instead commissioned new creative that capitalised on the camp nature of the product’s name and the timeliness of Mardi Gras.

I suspect it would have been a viral hit, and perhaps positioned Golden Gaytime as cult gay product across the globe. Perhaps ‘THE’ icecream to buy when visiting Australia.

But maybe that approach would have been too much for Unilever?


If you are interested you can see photos from Mardi Gras on this quite creative photo display by SMH

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  • http://www.allconsuming.blogspot.com kim at allconsuming

    Well THIS – Mr matthewgain.com – is very exciting indeed!

  • Ms Gloria Gilbert

    When I read about the relaunch of the Golden Gaytime I was excited to see, yet it left me disappointed also. Is gay icon status is too narrow for the mighty Golden Gaytime? What about hot summery surfers? Irrespective, I still beeline for the Gaytime after all these years.

  • http://matthewgain.com matthewgain

    I make a beeline also Gloria, I love a Gaytime – though being in the UK at the moment it has been a long time.

    I think globally they could have had a real hit with the pink dollar, but I do hear you about being too narrow. Though with a name like that you could argue they have rather limited themselves to that market somewhat anyways.

  • Darren

    Hi matthew – back when i was a planner/buyer working on smiths snackfoods we ran Twisties (lifes pretty straight) TVC during the first fta telecast of mardi gras on channel 10 – mind you it was hard work getting it approved by the board (actually, the board vetoed the idea due to smiths being a family company) – we ran it anyway :)

  • matthewgain

    Nice one Darren – boards can be the dampner on so many good ideas.

    Glad you got away with it.