Telegraph Media outsources production to Sydney Australia

In a move reported by the SMH The Telegraph Media Group publisher of the UK’s Daily Telegraph is outsourcing the production (subbing, layout etc) of some of its sections to Sydney’s AAP owned Pagemasters.

Pagemasters is set to produce the Telegraph’s travel, motoring and money pages and parts of The Sunday Telegraph according to the article.

Good for Australia – not so good for journos based here in London.

It reminds me of the term ‘Mexicans with mobiles’, used in the 90s in reference to Australian film crews who could produce Hollywood funded films more cheaply than their yank colleagues.

Hearing of this got me to wondering how long it is until they start creating the copy for these sections offshore? Is it essential that a travel journalist writing for the UK market is based in the UK? Perhaps not. Then assuming this, how long will it be until Australian PR agencies will have UK based clients interested in targeting UK journalists based in Sydney? Food for thought perhaps.

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