It is warmer in my fridge than it is outside!

I have just returned from the weekly walk to the local Sainsbury’s, where Elizabeth and I do our shopping, and by god it is cold. The trip up wasn’t too bad, but coming back, where our hands were out of pockets holding our reusable shopping bags, was rather less enjoyable. It is only now, having been back for 20 or so minutes that my hands have lost their blue hue and returned to normal colour.

MSN’s weather page is currently reporting it is –3 Celsius, but due to wind chill will feel more like –8 Celsius! So why is it so cold? Well, according to BBC, the cold snap has been caused by icy winds travelling across Scandinavia and the North Sea and hitting the British Isles. Weather is expected to warm up again tomorrow.

But it isn’t all bad. My sis Rochelle who lives in Biarritz received some snow and the water freezing over in Trafalgar Square is pretty cool.

Check out a video of the frozen lakes here – 

Rochelle in the snow:

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