I am returning to Australia

It is now official, Elizabeth and I are returning to the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia.

It is with really mixed emotions that I share this news. I have truly loved living and working in London. One feels so much more a part of world developments and a player in new and developing trends here. From a work point of view, the UK, as the hub for Europe, is seen as the second most important market behind the US – it will be this that I miss most when working back down under. Proximity is also another thing I will really miss. Sydney is a bloody long way from just about anywhere.

But there was never any doubt that we were going back. The sun, surf and family and friends is just too big a magnet for now. Oh and we are also getting married in February – here (click on the architectural images as it isn’t built yet).

We leave here in mid April and will travel for three months backwards along the silk route. We start in Turkey then continue through Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and then Thailand. We are knee deep in visa applications at the moment and building Excel matrices, budgets and travel plans nightly.

Neither Elizabeth or I have plans yet for work when we get home, but are eagerly accepting any information or contacts. So drop me a mail at matthewgain@hotmail.com if you have some leads.

More updates to follow.

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