10 predictions on how brands will use Twitter in 2009

If only I had a penny for every blog post I have read about Twitter. For a long time now there have been predictions that the tipping (or Twipping as I like to refer to it) point has been reached. And with discussions about it on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, articles in mainstream media and these results being registered by Hitwise, it is hard to disagree. But what will be the trends regarding Twitter and brands trying to reach their consumers using the medium?

Here are my predictions for marketing and Twitter in 2009:

  1. Growth will continue to grow exponentially and mainstream media attention will mirror the hype around Facebook in late 2006/early 2007
  2. Stacks and stacks of money will be thrown at Twitter apps, but like Facebook apps this will be a short lived fascination and the return on investment will decrease quickly
  3. The yoof will realise the power of the medium and have their voices heard in marketing boardrooms all over the world
  4. Those cheeky monkey yoof will realise they are being heard and monitored and will purposely mess with marketeers heads by sending conflicting messages
  5. Brands will realise they can improve their customer satisfaction if they refocus their efforts from managing inbound customer enquiries to identifying how to proactively engage users at the point of need
  6. Some brands will not get when to engage and interrupt conversations simply because someone mentions a product name
  7. There will be lots of user generated PR tactics from mobile phone brands that involve Twitpic
  8. Phones will start marketing themselves as perfect for Twitter just like 3 did with the INQ and Facebook
  9. Traditional advertising on the medium, like on Facebook, will fail
  10. The cool kids and trend setters will move on, yet lots of marketeers will still think they are reaching them

But hey what do I know? Disagree with me, let me know what you think.

The Burger King Twitter feed impressed me when they first contacted me having just tweeted about their marketing, though it didn’t engage me long term and I unfollowed two weeks later:

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