Someone once told me

Twitter, the lovely little service that it is, introduced me to Mario Cacciottolo today. You see, we met up so that Mario could take my photo. No, not in a model sense, though with my looks it wouldn’t be out of the question – ahem…

Instead, Mario took my photo as part of a project he is undertaking where he takes a photo of a person, at least one a day, holding up a hand written phrase someone once told them.

You can read more about it here – on Mario’s page for the project.

Mario only planned to do the project for a short period of time, but now a couple of years in, is not really sure where it will end up. He has no desire to make money out of the project, though would like one day to host an exhibition in a gallery. I think it is a wonderful idea and would encourage anybody interested get in contact with Mario either on twitter via @marioSOTM or via his email – mario[at]someoneoncetoldme[dot]com.

Mario will post my picture on Friday and I even recorded an audio message that I assume will be posted next to it. What did someone once tell me? Well you will just have to wait won’t you.

UPDATE – It will actually be next week not this Friday that Mario will post the picture.

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  • John Sheppard

    Nice post, intresting read. Keep posting and I'll come back for some more reading! Thanks!