Agnes Hansdorfer – My Messenger buddy

Last night I went for drinks with Maggie Hansdorfer the sister of an old friend of mine – Agnes Hansdorfer.

Anyways we were talking about Agnes, the things we love about her and the things that drive us crazy, when Maggie asked where I lived in NYC. I said I have never lived in NYC, so Maggie asked if I live in Seattle when Agnes lived there, I said no again. I said that the fact of the matter was that we met at E3 in 2005 when were both doing PR for Xbox, her in the US and me in Aus. We chatted a bit at the event and she helped me get some interviews with US execs and that was it. We swapped cards at the end and I returned to Aus and she to Seattle.

We emailed a few times when we got back and then we added each other on Messenger. And that’s where in Agnes’s words, we became ‘fast friends’. For a long while we spoke about her constant boy issues (she is in a good long term relationship though now) and countless other things from holiday destinations, to how she should have her hair and what the surf had been like that morning in Sydney. we don’t speak every day, though if you were to tally up all the days between when we started chatting and now, it would be more often than not that we had at least one Messenger conversation.

We have met up once since that first time, she stayed a night with me in London on the way to a family holiday in Greece, but other than that it has been wholly a friendship that has evolved been sustained on Messenger – oh and we have the occasional phone call.

So this post is dedicated to Messenger and the wonderful friend it has brought me in the way of Agnes – hope to see you in NYC in the new year Agnes.

Oh yeah I should say I work for Microsoft, and before you say anything this isn’t about them it is about friendship damn you…

Agnes and me when she was in London last year.

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