Can the transparency continue?

Looking at these shots on Flickr of Obama in his hotel room, awaiting the results of the US Presidential election, got me wondering about how the next President will manage his online profile moving forward.

Countless words have been written praising Obama’s web strategy in the lead up to the election; the release of these images is just another example of this brilliant execution of communications on the web. The images in effect place the viewer next to the man as he awaits the result. Those in the room are either family or those most closely involved with the election. The photos are completely un-posed, they are natural and whilst the images were always intended for PR, they are so not old skool PR.

With news of highly classified intelligence briefings and information sessions on the financial crisis happening this week one has to wonder if the transparency and two way dialogue so many have applauded can continue. It is one thing being transparent when you are a Presidential candidate, though I imagine it is quite a new challenge being transparent whilst trying to navigate delicate and complicated foreign policy, classified defence issues and the hard decisions required as he navigates the financial meltdown.

I look forward to watching how it plays out.

Image stolen from Barak here –

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