Dublin Pics

Last weekend Elizabeth I visited Mary (the girl to Elizabeth’s right in this pic) in Dublin. We met Mick (her man, who sadly chose that weekend to visit friends in London) and Mary whilst travelling in South America and got on really well.

We had a great weekend and also caught up with Mick’s sister Marie-Anne who we also met in South America. Both Elizabeth and I had visited Dublin before, so the focus was more on hanging out with Mary and having a few Guinness than seeing the tourist sights.

Mary took us on a tour of the local hotspots in Dublin, we visited Kilmainham Gaol and also took in a trip out to the Newgrange Burial Mounds. All the Newgrange tours were full for the day, so we had to enjoy from a distance. Obviously we were gutted, because the tours were full, we had to go to the pub, have a drink and get some lunch…

I took the pictures below on my mobile, so they are not great.

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Elizabeth and Mary next to a statue – sorry can’t remember his name

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Famine sculpture

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The Liffey River

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St Pats Cathedral

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Kilmainham Gaol

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Pretty bloody obvious

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