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Samsung offers chance to get photo on Sydney Opera House sails

Samsung and the Sydney Opera House are offering Australians the chance to have their photographs projected onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House. To enter you simply need to head over to and upload your … [Read more]

Social media monitoring and engaging influencers

Below is a presentation on social media monitoring and engaging influencers that I presented this week at a General Assembly training day on the basics of social media. The audience was made up of a mix of people from agencies and inhouse B2B and … [Read more]

Should the NRL do away with cheerleaders?

I am typing this as I watch the AFL Grand Final between Hawthorn and Sydney. On my Tweet stream, sophisticated, fashion forward female friends are tweeting about the wine they will be drinking whilst watching the game. There are female umpires … [Read more]

Publicity vs PR

Do you know what is the difference between publicity and PR? I have worked in the PR industry for more than ten years and it is only today that I have been served a definitive definition, courtesy of that clever PR Warrior fellow Trevor … [Read more]

Should I block employee access to Facebook?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked by small business owners if they should block social media access to their staff.  My answer is always no.  Social media represents an enormous opportunity for small businesses to increase … [Read more]

Branding 101 – tips for small business owners

I have recently been invited to be a regular writer for MYOB’s blog for small business owners. This is my first paid writing gig, so I am quite excited by it. There is a whole series of posts that I will be making roughly every second … [Read more]

Go Try It On – a review and overview

The last week or so has involved me trying on clothes in the morning, heading into my little girl’s room (the only room in the house with a full length mirror) taking a photo and then uploading it to Go Try It On, a relatively new online and … [Read more]

Gliss Flute and Harp – website build

The above is an image of a website I have created for my good friend Azumi Lehman, who is one of the country’s best harpists and one half of Gliss Flute and Harp. The other half of Gliss Flute and Harp is Lisa Osmialowski, who has played for some … [Read more]

Social activism: how to respond to an attack on your social media presences

This post provides five tips on how to respond to a social activist attack on your brand or company social media presences. Protesting has changed Organisations’ social presences, be they on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or elsewhere, are … [Read more]

Trust Barometer and its implications for social media

This post was first published on the Edelman Australia Blog. The Trust Barometer findings presents interesting implications for businesses in the area of social media. Below are four aspects of the report that we thought are worth highlighting … [Read more]